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Research & Development

Cerajot Ceramic is serious about its position as a leader in technical ceramics for industry.Cerajot Ceramic has put together a highly qualified technical Research and Development Team that works with new and existing customers to refine and enhance the product range that we manufacture for them. Cerajot Ceramic uses the most up-to-date and innovative processes and materials thus enabling any ceramics manufacturing company to benefit from this wealth of knowledge and experience.

Through continuous investment, Cerajot Ceramic has installed the latest laboratory equipment, not only for Product Development, but also for routine testing and analysis of its raw materials to ensure it adheres to the latest and rigorous global standards.

At its 85,000ft2 (7,900m2) facility in the UK, with varied manufacturing and firing technologies alongside its R&D team, Cerajot Ceramic is ideally placed to assist companies in the development of technical ceramic products for the future.

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